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CASCADE VBC CLUB TEAMS U12-U18 - Updated on 10/7/2016

Dues: Paid in 4 installments: upon signing in November; by 12/31; by 1/31; & by 2/28. Dues will be posted by October 25th.
Age Bracket Dues
(paid in 4 installments)
on signing date in November;   
by 12/31; by 1/31; & by 2/28)
# Teams
(12 players
per team)
U12 $2625 2
U13 $2675 2
U14 $2850 2
U15  $3300 (includes Eugene expenses listed below) 1
U16 $2850 1
U17/18 $3600 (includes Reno expenses listed below) 1


  • IMPORTANT: All Chaperones and any adult helping in any capacity (score table, etc) must take a 90 minute online course called Safesport. Teams that do not have a Chaperone complete the requirement by January 15th will NOT be able to travel this season.  No refunds will be given for missing the travel tournament, but additional local tournaments can be added to the schedule in place of it.
  • U12 & U13 dues do not include fees for any team rooms for travel tournaments.  Coaches travel costs are included for one travel tournament which will likely be Yakima (Mid March) or PNQ Spokane (late march).
  • U15 Dues include an extra travel tournament to Eugene Oregon over MLK Weekend includes coach accommodation costs and per diem and player accommodation costs.
  • U14-U16 Teams will attend PNQ in Spokane in late March.  See http://www.pacificnwqualifier.org/ for information.
  • All teams that attend PNQ will stay at the Davenport Hotel; coach AND player accommodation costs are included in dues. 
  • U17/18 will travel to Reno in April; coach airfare/fuel, team vans, coach accommodation costs and per diem and player accommodation costs are included in dues.  If team votes to travel to an additional tournament, extra dues will be collected to cover coach travel costs and team rooms.

Dues include: Tournament entry fees as listed below, USAV mandated classes, gym costs, equipment costs, uniforms (warm up jacket (all players) and pants (pants only for U14-U18), t-shirt, one pair spandex, two jerseys and gear bag), coach stipends, coaching support, administrative support and other costs. USAV Junior Member fees will be paid by player.

For any pre-planned travel tournaments:  Dues include tournament entry fees and coach travel costs (hotel, transportation stipend, per diem) and player hotel costs for U14 and up teams.  

*If teams decide to travel beyond what is planned for in the dues, the team will will be responsible for all extra costs, including tournament entry fees and coach travel costs (hotel, transportation stipend, per diem) and player hotel costs as well as individual transportation and food.

Dues DO NOT include: Shoes, kneepads, ankle protection, socks, etc. There no requirements to purchase these but they may be offered by the club as options. In consultation with coaches, teams may decide to attend and pay for additional tournaments: these costs are not included in dues.

Travel Tournaments: Dues DO NOT include chaperone costs or player transportation and food costs. 
Tournament Schedule: The tournament season runs from December – May. Teams will participate in:

  • U12 Jamboree (U12 Teams Only)
  • Pullayup Juniors Winter Classic (All teams except U12)
  • (4) USAV Puget Sound Region (PSR) Power League tournaments (including extra Seeding Day for U13-U16);
  • Yakima or PNQ (U12, U13), PNQ (U14-U16), Reno (U17/18).
  • PSR Regionals in late April/Early May (and Bid Tournament in March if teams qualify); and
  • ECC or other 2-3 day tournament during May.  (Teams may end season earlier if not accepted into ECC)
  • Some teams choose to participate in additional tournaments. Players/families pay those additional costs.

Dates will be on all team calendars at www.cascadevolleyball.net.  The TENTATIVE tournament schedule is posted here.
(Note: U13 teams play in U14 Power League)
Practice Times: Each team will have and average of two 2-hour practices per week. Practice time slots are Mon, Tues, Wed or Thurs nights between 5 and 9pm and Sun between 1:30 - 9:30 pm. Some coaches may opt to have 1 weeknight and 1 Sunday practice, while other teams will have two weeknight practices. Schedules are determined by coach and court availability.

During the months of December and January, practice schedules may not be “regular” as school sites become unavailable due to school uses - especially High School Basketball - and weather closures. We work hard to schedule all teams so their schedule is consistent but this is not always possible during these two months.
Practice locations: We will generally be using Old Lincoln HS and Hamilton MS (both in the Wallingford area of Seattle) and, for some teams, Spartan Gym in Shoreline for weeknight practices and Shoreline Christian High School for Sunday practices.

Practice Schedules are posted here.