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Dates are for 2017-18 and will be updated when they become available to us.

Contract Signing Policy

To play for a Puget Sound Region USAV team, players and guardians will sign contracts along with the representative for that team outlining the responsibilities. These contracts are approved by PSR and all clubs must follow certain guidelines set forth by PSR. In addition, Cascade has certain expectations regarding signing.

Tournament Team Incumbents are full members that played for a club during last year’s season. Incumbents are required by Cascade to submit their signed contract upon receiving the contract offer. Deadline for submitting initial payment is 24 hours following submittal of signed contract. First day of signing for U12-U14 incumbents is Oct 28; for \U15-U16 incumbents the first day of signing is Nov 12. 

U12-U14 Non-Incumbents: Deadline for submitting copy of signed contract and initial payment is 1:00pm on Nov 6. By PSR rules, non-incumbents may not sign before the signing time of 12:01am on Nov 6.

U15-U18 Non-Incumbents: Deadline for submitting copy of signed contract and initial payment is 1:00pm on Nov 20. By PSR rules, non-incumbents may not sign before the signing time of 12:01am on Nov 20.


all age groups - no exceptions.
If your player receives an offer, they must sign immediately (see policy below).  You and your player will have the opportunity to talk to the coach at the end of the tryout before deciding.
Each year every player must compete at tryouts to win a spot.  It is very important that your player understand that because they played on a "1" or "2" team the prior year, they are not guaranteed a spot on that team or necessarily any Cascade team.  Incumbents get the benefit of the coaches knowing them and if there is a "tie" as players are being evaluated, the tie goes to the incumbent.  Please note that our tryout registration numbers get bigger each year from U12 to U13 and then U13 to U14.  Not only are your players competing against other Cascade Incumbents but also with other club players as well as players that have attended many clinics and camps and have worked to build their skills all year in hopes of making a team.  All players develop at different rates.  Each coach has their own criteria they set when they are looking to build a team.



* This policy does not apply to players that tryout for the Cascade Crest and Summit teams  - only our Full Club Teams.
All volleyball clubs in the region operate by the rules set forth by the Puget Sound region of USA Volleyball.  The region defines an “incumbent” as a full member who played for a club during the last year’s season.  The region has determined that only incumbents can commit to a club during the first week of tryouts; anyone else cannot sign a contract until the following week. Once a player has signed a contract with a club (even before they make their first payment), they are locked into that club.
Cascade has adopted a policy where we give benefit at tryouts to our incumbents (no incumbents are cut first round). In return, we require that our incumbents commit immediately if they are offered a spot on a team.  In other words, if you are ready to commit at tryouts, your odds of getting an offer are increased (but not guaranteed). If you are not ready to commit at tryouts, you should still come to tryouts if you want to be considered for a team, but a spot will not be held for you. Often spots will open up as non-incumbents decide to go elsewhere, but we err on the side of trying to put together the strongest team possible to accompany those incumbents who are committed to the club. Expect coaches to communicate with incumbents during tryouts and incumbents are encouraged to talk to each other and the coaches before and during the tryouts to help decide whether or not to commit.
Why do we do this?  We used to hold spots for incumbents, but unfortunately, those trying out for other clubs too often made last-minute decisions to go elsewhere, leaving behind openings that were hard to fill with players of the same quality seen at tryouts.  While we’d love to make everyone happy, we find ourselves faced with the choice of optimizing for the best experience for those who commit to the club versus optimizing for the best experience for those who want to shop around for different clubs with the security of knowing they have Cascade as a fall-back plan.  We decided to optimize for those who commit to the club.