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When registering, you will be prompted to enter in your child's experience.  This helps us better prepare our lesson plans.  Please note that on Sundays, we will have 3 courts and players will be divided by skill level, not age.  Players will be able to move to a more advanced court as soon as they are ready - due to the new format, we will be able to move players between courts much easier.

Level 1 - Never played before, doesn’t know the skills or keys or maybe even how the game is played. This level is an intro to basic movements and concepts. 

Level 2 - Attended 1-3 camps or multi-day clinics. Makes attempts at serving, passing, setting and hitting that look roughly correct, but performance isn't consistent. 

Level 3 - Serve, pass, set, consistently.

Level 4 - Knows basic Serve Receive formations, defensive base positions. blocking footwork.